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The fabulous pettiness of ChatGTP

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

I tried to get chat GTP to write an article entitled "The Fabulous pettiness of chatGTP", and it locked me out for 24 hours for being offensive.

The truth is, I think it is, and I think it's wonderful.

For dyslexics like myself, capitalism can be a harsh and unforgiving environment in a world of constant contact and churn. There's so much emphasis on efficiency and productivity. It can be difficult for people with differently-wired brains to keep up with and succeed. This is an epic problem for self-employed folk.

When I first heard about chatGTP, I was elated. My brain often thinks in tweet-sized sound bites. But if you're not inside my head, sometimes the context can be missed. So I thought I would try a chatGTP and see if it could help me, and it didn't, and it was brilliant.

You see, not only do I happen to be dyslexic and self-employed, but I also happen to be a stubborn, opinionated gobshite. I often find myself trying to explain myself, but I don't always know where to start.

What chatGTP offered me was a load of bland, generic points, which I knew a way off the mark. From the vanilla, it turned out; I knew exactly what I thought was wrong and what I wanted to say about it.

I've always found it easier to edit than to begin. With chatGTP, it became apparent very quickly that I could use it as a sparring partner. I can say, "tell me some important things about confidence". And it would turn out some bland blah about productivity and achievement, and from there, I can easily see that if people are reaching their association with confidence in capitalist markers, we are recreating the systems that we're trying to escape. From there I can write in my voice, with my opinions and from my heart.

Where chatGTP has given me is the grain I want to go against. And from there, my path back to authenticity becomes radically clear.

So thanks, ChatGTP, for being incredibly dull. I've loved every minute of our relationship together.


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