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Using Nature as Guide

I'm trying to pay more attention.

To the seasons.

To nature.

To myself.


Nature always teaches me.  It guides me home to myself whenever I have strayed too far. It doesn't tell me that I've got things wrong, or that I need to be better to be allowed here. I don't need to prove myself. Nature accepts me as I am.


And I wonder why I forget to listen, When the map home is always right there.


But this way, judgement lies. Asking myself why I didn't do something while I don't remember why I'm not doing the thing. It is all criticism. And that's what I'm trying to release these days. The ways I speak to myself, which are not rooted in striving for the best version of me. For the me, He treats me with more kindness. The May he brings more compassion in waves.

And I'm not always there. Yet. There are waves. There are windows.

And each time I notice I'm not always responding with the kind of welcoming the ocean always received me with, I know there is more gentleness to be brought here.

But if the waves can wear away cliff faces, it can breakthrough my armour of old patterns. And I allow it. I'm ready to allow it.


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