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Coaching is like cleaning: you only notice what you've missed when someone else shows up

Updated: May 2

Coaching and Cleaning: The Power of an Outside Perspective

Think about the last time you gave your house a good clean. You probably scrubbed, dusted, and organised until everything seemed just right. But then, a friend or family member walks in and you immediately spot that cobweb you missed or the smudge on the window you overlooked. And if you are especially lucky, they might point is out too. It's not that you were careless; sometimes, when we're too close to a situation, we can't see what is under our noses or areas that need attention. This is precisely like coaching. Part of this is because we are trying to observe our brain with our brain, so of course is is going to be an expert at telling you what you want to hear.

The Fresh Pair of Eyes

Just as someone else might spot the dirt or clutter you've overlooked, a coach can identify the blocks or limiting beliefs you might be holding onto. They provide an external perspective, pinpointing areas for improvement that you may not have recognised on your own.

Navigating Short Cuts

In cleaning, as in life, we all have the bits we miss. These are areas or patterns we continually skip over or overlook because they're either too familiar or too uncomfortable. A coach helps illuminate these corners, guiding you towards understanding and helping you navigate the path to solutions.

Deep Cleaning vs. Surface Cleaning

Sometimes, we think a quick tidy-up is enough. But, just as you probably want to dust under the sofa more than you actually do, our emotions and beliefs can lurk behind the old stories we tell ourselves. Coaching delves deep, to help you uncover these thoughts which may have been holding you back, rather than merely dealing with the surface symptoms. It helps us see that our reactions are a direct response to the way we talk to ourselves. You could think of dealing with the everyday like wiping around a mug and coaching like picking the damn thing up and actually cleaning the counter.

The Right Tools for the Job

When faced with a stubborn stain, the right equipment can make all the difference. Similarly, a coach equips you with the tools, techniques, and strategies tailored to your unique challenges, ensuring effective and lasting change, in all areas of your life.

Maintaining a Clean Slate

Cleaning isn't a one-time activity; it requires regular maintenance to keep spaces bright and inviting (and healthy). In the same vein, coaching isn't just about tackling current problems; it's about instilling habits and mindsets that ensure sustained growth and development (and probably a lot more joy than just struggling through)

Sometimes we just want to mop up the mess and sometimes we need to work out why the fridge is leaking in the first place.

If you’d like some tools to dust off some brain cobwebs, come and join one of the courses at SelfCareSchool.

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