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Spam Filter for Your Brain Episode 1

Updated: Apr 23

How to Admit When You Get Things Wrong.

My name is Anna HeardinLondon and I am here to try and help people find creative solutions to reconnect to their bodies and their minds. And I don't believe that we should just magically know all of this stuff about our emotions and our lives and I will being if no one ever teaches this. So let's try and learn this stuff together.

On the 11th of June 2021, I posted a tweet which said: “I don't know who needs to hear this, but you don't need to start a podcast.”

Well, people, here I am. I can honestly say that that one tweet has been holding me back. It's ten months on something that I knew I needed to do and I needed, I needed to do it because of the training and the incredible thoughtwork school that I have been building over at

This year has been phenomenal and the people are really special, the works pretty special, the work is so important in enabling people to challenge old stories and the old narratives and things that have been holding them back. And I knew that I'll be able to get this message to move people and spread more little nuggets of wisdom, of gems, of information that frankly, I've spent quite a lot of money training and learning and I just want to share with more people and I didn't wanna do it coz I tweeted that.

So here is the idea, firstly, it's important to acknowledge when you've made a mistake. And it was so to acknowledge that you can change direction and that change is possible. And when new information comes to light, it is alright to change your mind.

I think this is an important beginning over my journey into this is what I'm holding my hands up and saying it was meant to be a slightly snarky tweet and it has turned round and it has bitten me. I've held on to those little 140 characters so long.

I'm going to make sure that this podcast brings you incredible little nuggets of information that I learn along my way on my studies that I'm going through. I'm taking an awful lot of courses now that I'm certified as a coach and all of the lessons that we bring to, but most importantly, I'm going to make sure that these episodes are incredibly short, because nobody has very much time and what you want to have is the transformation, not my overly excitable giggly voice in your ear.

So if you like a fair bit of swearing with your self-help if you think that you just need a little Spam Filter for Your Brain, this is what I'm going to be bringing to you on a regular basis, and I hope that it is useful and I hope that this can be our first lesson in how you don't always have to stick to your guns and it's alright to change your mind.

I hope that you're going to join me along the journey. I look forward to seeing what we can create.

This has been Spam Filter for Your Brain, brought to you by HeardinLondon and

If you'd like to know more, and like to see more incredible humans, please do hop on to social media, HeardinLondon, Instagram on my website and HeardinLondonPhotography on Facebook.

And if you would like to learn more about how you can embed this stuff into your life and would like to join something incredible coaching calls and the group work please do have a look at self If you have any questions about anything I mention this week please do drop me an e-mail. and I hope to see you again next week. Thank you for spending time together.


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